Update: Congratulations to our two lucky winners - Mason Taddei and OliveGrummer.

During Microsoft's E3 press conference last month, we got a good look at an intriguing new game called The Darwin Project. The debut title from the aptly named Scavengers Studio drops players into the harsh environment of the Canadian Rockies, forcing them to scavenge and craft in order to survive. But Mother Nature isn't the only one trying to kill you.

The Darwin Project is a battle royal, pitting all of its players against each other in ruthless combat. The finished product will also be heavily integrated with Microsoft's new streaming service, Mixer. With Mixer, spectators from all over the world will be able to influence the events of the frozen rumble in real time, giving certain players advantages (like better weapons) or challenges (like having their position on the map revealed to all other players) to overcome.

We don't yet have a release date for The Darwin Project, but we know it's headed to Xbox One and Windows 10. In the meantime, Scavengers Studio has launched a closed alpha, and you can be one of the lucky few that gets to participate! Some friends of mine attended E3 for the first time this year, and they used some of their time on the crowded show floor to go hands-on with The Darwin Project and to buddy up to some of the developers at Scavengers Studio. This netted them access to the closed alpha, and they've even got some alpha codes to give away to Gamnesia's readers.

Here's how you can enter for a chance to try out The Darwin Project early. Simply leave a comment on this article requesting to be entered into the drawing, then head to the impressions video above and do the same there. If you use different names on the two websites, make sure to specify that in each comment. After a few days, users will be chosen at random from the eligible list. Once you've received your code, you'll be able to access the alpha (which is only available on PC) on Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 PM Eastern time. If you want to see more from the three stooges who made this possible, you can check out the following channels: Cheech 2099, Fetherlyt, and anime2090.

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