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Nintendo recently opened up and shared some info about the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online membership program. One of the benefits of becoming a paid subscriber (other than playing online, which will cease to be free in September) is access to a library of digital NES games. As fans suspected, Nintendo has confirmed this means there are no plans for a traditional Virtual Console on Nintendo Switch.

While this marks a shift in strategy for Nintendo, you can bet that they still intend to bring their classic games to Switch in some form. Nintendo hasn't elaborated on how they plan to release games from classic platforms like SNES and Game Boy Advance, but a likely option is that they will handle them similarly to the NES library. If that's the direction Nintendo chooses to go, it's fantastic news for indie developers.

Nintendo 3DS has enjoyed a lengthy stay in the spotlight as Nintendo's primary handheld since its debut in 2011. You might think the launch and incredible sales success of Nintendo Switch (which can also function as a handheld) would spell the end for 3DS, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Nintendo envisions the two co-existing for some time, and they recently announced plans to make new 3DS games until at least 2020. Is Nintendo crazy to continue to support seven-year-old hardware when they've got that beautiful, HD Switch screen available? Maybe a little, but there's a method to their madness.

On September 16th, 2015, Tatsumi Kimishima was faced with an impossible task: filling the shoes of Satoru Iwata. Nintendo's former President was a gaming icon and a beloved figure, and his sudden passing was a tragedy that shook the industry. In taking the torch from Iwata, Kimishima inherited a company that was not only brokenhearted, but also struggling financially. Kimishima was not Iwata's first choice for the job, but he stepped up to the plate when no one else was prepared to do so. Three years later, Kimishima is preparing to step down and turn the Presidency over to someone new. Looking back on his brief, but important stint as President, I believe Satoru Iwata would be proud of what he accomplished.

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Nintendo dropped the exciting news that Super Smash Bros. is officially coming to Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. The latest entry in the popular fighting franchise will be playable at E3, so it won't be long until we get to enjoy our first look at the game. In the meantime, it's time to reflect on the existing entries in the beloved franchise. From the nostalgic days of Nintendo 64 to the first HD entry on Wii U, which Smash is your all-time favorite?

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Dragon Ball Super's run has sadly come to an end after 131 episodes, but that doesn't mean the story is finished. We believe there's a strong chance that the latest iteration of the hit anime franchise will return after a hiatus of a year or so. If and when it does, it's got some pretty big questions to answer. Hit the jump for three big questions Dragon Ball Super never addressed, and join us in theorizing about the answers!

Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene, the creator of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), recently revealed that he wants to support the game for 20 years, saying, "We want to do this for the next 20 years. We want to build out a platform for game modes and possible esports. We're committed to supporting this game for a long time." As evidence of this continued support, he also detailed maps which are coming out later this year, and the devs are currently hosting betas to test the new "Savage" map, the second round of which begins today.

All that sounds fine, but I have my concerns when a developer announces they want to support one game for a long time. Does a 20-year plan make sense for PUBG? Head inside to join the discussion.

Game Freak's ever-popular Pokémon series is more hyped than ever, and that excitement will only grow when the next major entry in the series launches on Nintendo Switch. At this point we don't know exactly what the next game will be, and Game Freak isn't telling. They could choose to remake previous games (with the Sinnoh region's fourth generation next in line), or they could launch an entirely new generation. If it's the latter, do you think it's too soon after Sun and Moon for generation eight to launch?

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It's a great time to be a fan of classic PlayStation games. Last year we were treated to the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy‏ on PlayStation 4 (with Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC versions on the way), and later this year, Spyro will get the same treatment. These remasters give newcomers the ability to experience the early PlayStation hits re-imagined on modern hardware, and they're also a great way for nostalgic veterans to relive old favorites. If you're a longtime fan who remembers when these games made their debut, which classic trilogy do you think was better? Hit the jump to cast your vote and join the debate!

In light of the official reveal of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, we recently asked our readers to share their all-time favorite video game remakes and remasters. You guys came up with lots of great examples of classic games that were impressively remade, but there are still plenty of old favorites that have never been re-imagined for modern gamers. Of all the games of yesteryear, which one do you think is most in need of a fresh coat of paint?

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If you're a lifelong fan of video games, you've no doubt encountered gaming masterpieces that impacted you in a way you'll never forget. Games that tugged at your heartstrings, changed the way you look at the world, or surprised you with incredible plot twists. These are memories that will last a lifetime, but there's always a part of you that wishes you could shed those memories, if only temporarily, to experience them fresh again. Out of all the games you've ever played, which one do you most wish you could play for the first time again?

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Indie developer Hello Games spent a lot of time in the spotlight hyping No Man's Sky prior to its launch, but the game's debut on PlayStation 4 and PC left much to be desired. On launch day, No Man's Sky was missing many of the key elements that director Sean Murray had promised, and the game universe felt empty and unfulfilling to thousands of unsatisfied customers. Nearly two years later, No Man's Sky is coming to Xbox One. After everything that has happened, does it deserve a second chance?

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When the first trailer for Ready Player One dropped, I was incredibly intrigued by this dystopian world where most people spent their time in a utopian virtual world. I had never read or even heard of the novel by Ernest Cline at that point, but the concept alone was interesting enough to make me pick up a copy.

After reading the book earlier this year, I concluded that Ready Player One is an incredibly entertaining and engaging story, but the characters are a little underdeveloped, the namedropping of 80s culture gets a little old at times, and the lesson learned by the main character is a glossed over and put aside by the end. Fortunately, the film adaptation from Steven Spielberg fixes a lot of the gripes I had with the novel, though it also loses some of the charm from the original.

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One of the most iconic scenes in any iteration of the Dragon Ball franchise is Gohan's transformation into an ultra-powerful Super Saiyan 2 warrior in his battle against Perfect Cell. In that moment, Gohan transcended every known limit to become the strongest character the series had ever seen, surpassing both his father and Vegeta. A lot has changed for Gohan since then, and not for the better. Looking at him in Dragon Ball Super, you'd be hard-pressed to believe they're even the same character. Now that Dragon Ball Super has finished its run (at least for now) it's time to look back on just how big of a disappointment Gohan turned out to be.

Konami recently filed a new trademark for Silent Hill, which had some hopeful that the horror series could return. Unfortunately, closer inspection shows that the trademark was filed for gambling machines, which suggests it will be yet another game-turned-pachinko, which has become Konami's MO. Given the company's terrible track record in recent years, including the flop that was Metal Gear Survive, it begs a bigger question: do you even trust Konami with their own games anymore?

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It took me a little while, but I finally bought into the virtual reality craze. All three of the main VR headsets are sitting at more enticing prices than ever before, ranging from $299 to $499. These recent price drops were enough to get me to buy an HTC Vive.

I decided to take a look at some of the simpler games the Vive has to offer. One that immediately caught my attention was Audioshield, developed by Dylan Fitterer.

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