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Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for a gaming site? Do you keep up with gaming news every day, or come to the internet to read lengthy reviews, or articles about the past, present, and future of our favorite medium? Do you wish you could be one of the content creators, rather than a reader? Well, you've stumbled upon the right place.

Gamnesia and Zelda Informer are constantly looking for bright minds with a passion for gaming to further enhance our team of editors from around the world. With E3 just around the corner, this is the most exciting time of the year to be welcomed into the world of game journalism, and we need as many helping hands as we can get.

You may have noticed we're doing a lot of refining lately in our efforts to push this place to the high standards we hope to achieve. A few weeks ago, we rolled out the beta version of our new user system, which is currently only live for staff members but will soon be available to all readers. Just a few days ago, we spruced up and snazzed out our staff page, providing a coherent list of all current staff members for your convenience. In addition, we've made several changes behind the scenes that may not be immediately visible but go a long way in upholding our efficiency and reliability as a valid, valuable resource for gaming.

The latest development in this string of advancements is the addition of a brand-new hiring page, which explains in detail the hierarchy of the site and the simple process by which avid readers like you can apply to join our team of writers. So whether you've always loved our site and want to lend a hand, or you've always hated it and want to help us change the place for the better, feel free to join the ranks!

Now, we're not expecting you to be perfect. We don't expect you to come in knowing all about the posting process or how to tell a relative clause from a complement clause. Everyone makes mistakes, and that's perfectly okay. So long as you have a passion for gaming, the motivation to work hard, and of course a decent level of professionalism, we're elated to have you on board.

If you'd like to apply for a position as one of the staff here at Gamnesia and Zelda Informer, please read over the application page and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, concerns, inquiries, or would like to just say hello, please don't hesitate email your friendly neighborhood Colin. I'll respond as quickly and as fully as I can. Best of luck to all of you, and we look forward to seeing some of your eager new faces — er... screen names — among our staff soon.

Nintendo needs to get their act together. You read that first sentence correctly. Nintendo is having a lot of trouble right now, what with a rough Wii U launch and other competitors announcing shiny new consoles. The Big N is in financial danger, and that fact simply cannot be ignored.

However, that problem is miniscule to the issue concerning the interaction the publisher has with its loyal consumers. We fans give Nintendo our all. We purchase their brand new games. We support them when the going gets rough. We create new things to show our appreciation and love for the company! Nintendo fans love Nintendo.

Unfortunately, it seems like Nintendo doesn't love us back. They constantly push us around, instigating fear in our hearts, then treat their harassment similarly to a joke, expecting us consumers to buy their new software and hardware. The same goddamn routine has been repeated for decades now.

However, there's a fine, fine line. The negative realizations have been swimming around my brain for the past few months, and the true epiphany has just hit me. We give everything to Nintendo. In return, they scare us and expect us to make up like a couple of first grade girls.

One recent event has sparked this fury in me, and it's an abomination to the industry as a whole. Wonder why the population generally frowns upon video games? Here is your reason. The following video reveals the Satanic and downright evil business tactics of Nintendo, painting their loyal followers in shame and embarrassment.

I invite you all to hit the jump right now and enlighten yourself on the issue. You can be part of the revolution.

As most you will already know, earlier today Microsoft gave us our first taste of the Xbox 360's next-generation successor, the Xbox One. At the huge announcement press conference, tons of details about Xbox One were revealed, regarding everything from hardware specs, to the console's release window, and even the console's controversial policy on used games. Featured below is a big list of all the essential details surrounding Xbox One's unveiling this morning.

Let's start with the most important part of any video game console: the games. Microsoft has announced that Xbox One will be receiving 15 exclusive titles during its first year on the market. Even more impressive is that among those 15 exclusives will be eight brand new IPs. So far, we only know two of those games, Quantum Break and Forza Motorsport 5, but thankfully Microsoft is making their E3 2013 press conference "all about the games," so we'll certainly see more Xbox One titles announced when E3 2013 rolls around in just a few weeks.

On a much more controversial topic, Microsoft has also announced that all Xbox One discs will install the games directly onto the console's hard drive, and, as a result, gamers will be required to pay a fee in order to install and play any game disc on a second Xbox One console. The fee charged will reportedly be identical to the price of the original game.

Head past the jump for the full news blowout!

Today, Microsoft revealed its next generation console, the Xbox One. It will run on a version of Windows 8 and serve as an "All in One Home Entertainment System". Yes, Microsoft has widened its gaze, and the Xbox One will also be a cable box where you can watch TV, browse the internet, watch Netflix or your Blu-ray movies, and listen to your favorite music. 

The console will have a new controller, which is pretty much a slightly altered Xbox 360 controller. All the buttons are in the same place except the start and the back buttons, which seem to have been replaced by two unknown buttons. I personally have never had a problem with the D-Pad, but it was apparently such a common complaint that it also underwent a redesign. It's unknown if this new controller is usable on your PC, but as that has been the case with the Xbox 360 controller it will likely happen eventually.

More juicy news after the jump.

We have been so wrapped up in the positives and negatives surrounding Nintendo’s Wii U lately that it’s almost easy to forget that the New Xbox is being unveiled in just a couple days. Always Online rumors seemed to have really killed a lot of the hype the Next Xbox was getting, but soon we can set aside all the rumors and know the truth.

I was a big Xbox 360 fan myself. I really liked the smooth interface, and while not a fan of Xbox Live, I understand it had its merits. Besides, most of my online gaming friends also owned a 360… so it made sense as a community based console. The Next Xbox is ready to be unveiled and I have some predictions ahead that I feel will happen – whether we like it or not.

One of Nintendo Directs greatest showings today was for the upcoming Pikmin 3. It kicked off by naming the three all new characters: Alph, Brittany, and Captain Charlie. The trio hales from the land of Koppai, which is under threat of a major famine. They crash land into the world of Pikmin and start to gather fruit and various seeds to bring back to their home planet.  There is also going to be a challenge mode style Multiplayer aspect, but they plan to talk about that in the future (so, likely the highly anticipated pre-E3 Nintendo Direct).

Inside we have 20+ all new screenshots, 6+ minutes of all new (High Quality) footage, and just a little bit more information about one of the Wii U's most anticipated titles.

This news comes straight from today's Nintendo Direct; today, Iwata has announced that SEGA and Nintendo have entered an exclusive contract for Sonic the Hedgehog, meaning the little blue guy won't be on PS3 or Xbox now.

Next, Iwata also announced that Sonic: Lost World, which we posted about just this morning, is coming to Wii U and 3DS exclusively.

This is pretty big for Nintendo if you ask me!

UPDATE: Even more screenshots and artwork pieces have come out, revealing the look of the Pokédex and more! It has been added to the gallery, so be sure to check it out!

Following what was revealed last Saturday in the popular Japanese CoroCoro magazine, The Pokémon Company has now announced the US names of the latest Pokémon, along with an amazing gameplay trailer and a bunch of pretty screenshots including the boxart, showing some new features that will appear in the game. First of these is, you can sit on a bench. Yes, you can finally sit on a bench. It's a nice addition to the game, and one nobody expected. And you get a nice view of your surroundings too.

Jump inside to learn more about these amazing new features.

Remember that time when somebody joined a forum, unleashed a bunch of rumors about something, and turned out to be telling the truth? Neither do I. But it appears that today may be that day. An IGN forum member by the name of 100-Year-Old-Gamer has recently taken to action on the IGN boards claiming that he works for Nintendo in some way. Of course, this is a glaring red flag that his information may be entirely falsified. The only reason we may have to believe this user is that his account was created just about a year ago and he has built a reputation on the forums, which does give him a little more credibility, but far from enough to be blindly accepted. If any these rumors hold any weight, however, they're certainly exciting.

The first of these rumors is that rather than their traditional E3 showing, Nintendo will air three to five Nintendo Direct streams beginning on May 30th. Given their decision to back down from the illustrious convention hall we've seen in the past, and their recent inclination to announce major news via Nintendo Direct streams, this is entirely believable and frankly quite likely regardless of whether or not this IGN member has any inside information.

The next and perhaps most exciting rumor of the bunch regards the upcoming Super Mario game for Wii U. 100-Year-Old-Gamer says that Super Mario U will be "bigger than any Mario game to date" and looks "unlike anything you've ever seen." Whether this is some sort of continuation of the Super Mario Galaxy precedent or a new game entirely is left uncertain, but it sounds like Nintendo surely won't disappoint.

Head inside for the rest of these juicy rumors!

I love video games. I also happen to love television and film — particularly television and film with good scripts. I write a lot of my own stuff, so I tend to be that guy who says things like "huh, that was well structured" while a dude's getting hit in the balls. Naturally, I love it when my areas of interest overlap; like the Zelda documentary being made, or the Redwall video game currently being developed.

Unfortunately, there are times when the overlaps aren't pleasant to sit through. Usually, the overlap happens in one particular area; when a film or television program discusses video games, they do so with almost no integrity whatsoever. It's an incredibly frustrating issue to me, and one that I've ranted on a handful of times to various friends.

Jump inside for examples and complaints; your favorite!

Well we might finally be able to put the code name Durango to rest, along with other popular naming conventions such as Xbox 720. International Business Times has stuck its proverbial head out on the chopping block by "confirming" the next Xbox will be called Xbox Infinity. It is not the first time we have heard of this name, but it is the first time a major website is going with it as confirmed information based upon their own sources.

As for the name itself... I actually like it. It's a bit refreshing over the continued number system PlayStation uses and it's certainly more unique than the Wii U. Of course, I can't help my bring forth my inner Buzz Lightyear and remind everyone that were bound to go "To Infinity... and Beyond!” If Microsoft doesn't get a deal worked out with Disney to use that tagline, I will be sorely disappointed. What are your thoughts on the name? We'll have more information on the 21st.

This is a guest article written by James Widdowson. If you would like to submit your own guest article, we encourage you to do so here or email your work to [email protected]

The video game crash of 1983 was a pivotal moment in the history of video games. When Atari released the Video Computer System — known today as the Atari 2600, although that never became its official name until 1982 — they managed to bring a niche product, video games, to the mainstream. In terms of historical significance the Atari VCS is widely viewed today as one of the greatest consoles of all time, and the one that our entire modern industry is built upon. Atari had huge success in the late 70’s and early 80’s, a success that other companies such as Coleco, Bally, Milton Bradley and Mattel also wanted a slice of. All these companies in turn released their own consoles, all superior to the VCS in the technical department, but none of them could come close to matching its success. The Atari VCS was the king of the industry, and the competition was nothing more than its court jesters. But as the years went on the overabundance of consoles and bad, cash grabbing games on the market (such as the infamous ET: The Extra Terrestrial) meant that the industry couldn’t withstand its own weight, and it inevitably crashed.

The video game crash is widely acknowledged today as an event that we wouldn’t want to see repeat itself, but I don’t understand why that is the common view. Although the crash nearly destroyed the industry before it really hit the big time, from its ashes Nintendo carried its Famicom system across the seas from Japan and brought the industry back from the brink. If you look at those immediate five or ten years following the release of the NES it marked the golden age of video games, a unique time in history marked by continual innovation and new ideas. On paper the crash may have appeared to be a bad thing, but as a result, we all received something far greater than what we would have gotten had the industry stayed the way it was.

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Eternal Darkness was an amazing experience on the Nintendo GameCube, but unfortunately the original developing studio has had a lot of trouble with any game since. Many of the minds behind the original game are now at a new studio called Precursor. They are creating what is essentially Eternal Darkness 2.... without technically using the Eternal Darkness name since they do not own the copyright for it. The game will be called Shadow of the Eternals, and it's going to be an episodic styled game told through a total of 12 episodes. Right now, it's only planned for release on the Wii U and PC (giving the Wii U a potential home console exclusive) but there is potential for it to expand to other consoles through some stretch goals.

Wait, stretch goals? That's right, the game is going to require some crowd funding which is launching next Monday. They are aiming for 1.5 million dollars in funds to create the game, with stretch goals allowing them to add more episodes and yes, expand the game to other platforms. This is rather exciting stuff. Hop inside to find out some of the premise behind this all new game.

It’s almost impossible to go to any site on the net and not see a hint of negativity at the mere mention of the Wii U. Even Nintendo centric websites have been wondering what the deal is with the console. Where are the games? Why is EA not supporting the platform? Why is the hardware not PS4 quality? Was the screen in the controller a mistake? Why is the OS slow… why this… why that. Why Why Why.

There have definitely been some big mistakes made in the launching of the Wii U. The name, for starters, should have been something else… something which Nintendo appears to finally be grasping. The OS out of the box, even after a massive update, was sluggish… and yes it’s fixed now. I could probably go on and on about all the things wrong with the Wii U. Still, you know what? It’s a great console, and its future will be just fine. It’s time we begin to show a little appreciation for Nintendo’s new box.

The PlayStation 4 is a grand machine thus far, with its souped up graphical capabilities, all the social interaction you could want, streaming game services, and generally feeling like a neat evolution on the standard gaming medium.

We as of yet know little confirmed information about the Next Xbox (May 21st needs to be here right now… seriously) and we know just about all we’re going to know about the Wii U until we get more software announcements. There is still likely so much more to show off for the PS4, but right now I can already tell this is going to be a must have console in the next 3 years (giving people time to afford it and for it to build a library you want).