Therefore, to make you discover this type of companies, are going to explain what is the operation of a translation company, as well as all what should offer to make the services of optimal quality.
What is its operation of a translation company?

A translation company, as you well ponderous, is that your activity is based on the translation of texts into other languages. But its operation is quite more complex than that since, as in Translation, since the customer makes an assignment until it is delivered, a process which normally involved a large number of actors and professionals takes place. These are the steps:

1. the customer places the order. The project comes directly and automatically by a tool called instant, in which customer will select the two languages required for the translation, as well as the text that you want to send to the professionals. In addition, customer will select a delivery time which service must be completed.

2. project management. Once the order has been received, is passed to the management of projects, which is the procedure carried out by a person who will find the translator and distribute the work. Therefore, the project manager will assign the custom a translator according to availability, specialty, language...

3. translation. When the project has already been assigned to a native translator, or several depending on the volume of work, this will perform the translation that will suit the original text source language.

4. revision or proofreading. It consists of the revision of the contents since, beyond the large capacity of the translator, is recommended a second opinion or point of view to correct anything, in order to do the best possible job.

5. delivery to the customer. The project is sent to customer in such a way that delivery is made within the time limits set by himself.
What services should it offer?

A translation company, should not however, be limited to the simple translation of texts. The optimum would be to offer different services, ranging from professional translations to interpretation services, subtitling and transcription. Thus, ensure clients meet all the needs arising in this area.

In Translation, we have a wide range of services that make us suitable for the needs of our customers, with more than 1500 native translators capable of handling more than 50 languages and who will get to revalue your content to increase your productivity and use it as you want.

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