IoT or Internet of Things as it is called has taken the gaming industry by storm. It has now converted every device and appliance in our homes into smart devices, transforming our homes into smart homes. Kitchen appliances can now be managed with voice command, people can easily monitor security issues and now IoT has taken a plunge into the gaming industry.

According to, IoT has enhanced innovation in gaming and it has entirely changed the way one plays the games, making it interactive with the use of sensors, artificial intelligence and physical gaming. With the help of all these features, gaming is indeed taken to the very next level.

Virtual Reality

If you are bored playing games on your smartphones, it is now time to get smarter and witness VR gaming or Virtual Realty Gaming. Players can make use of VR Gaming gears to freshen up their gaming experience.

The VR gears for games can be used as the dock for smartphones. Players need to just dock the mobile into the gear and wear it. That’s it. You would experience the next generation of gaming as you get to look 360 degrees and the gear comes with the sensor that tracks the movement of the players head. The right side of the gear also has a touch pad that can be used to control the action and the movements when you are playing.

IoT and Video Gaming

Major innovators from the gaming industry claim that IoT can be a big help to improve interactive entertainment. Most of them who have been kids during 1980s and 1990s do remember playing video games, sing a remote, but kids now play video games using a wireless gear which makes the game play more interactive.

Motion Gaming

It was once mentioned by Microsoft that using Cloud can make Xbox much more powerful. There has been a turnaround in the gaming industry with the launch of Play Station by Sony. Motion gaming has come like a blessing in disguise for teenagers as they get to experience motion sensors that make playing video games a lot more enjoyable. Every move of the player gets detected by sensors and the virtual character in the game you’re playing acts just the same way.

TUI and IoT

Internet of Things has now crossed the traditional game play boundaries and now allows the gamers to use TUI or Tangible User Interface which is the use of physical sensors or objects that create an all new gaming experience. Games like Wii Sport and the Guitar Hero have been developed to work on the Tangible User Interface. This technology, when combined with IoT will certainly create wonders and help revamp the complete gaming industry.

Gaming Suits with Sensors

If you are one of those players who wish to experience the all new gaming generation, you can try and upgrade to a complete body sensor gaming suit that comes with a very cool look. These suits help players to get involved in game and feel each and every bit of it.

Internet of Things has expanded by leaps and bounds and one cannot rule out the possibility of this technology to expand further. Internet of Things has indeed created a revolution in the gaming sector and with companies like Sony using Cloud technology for games; players can now play and compete online.

To experience what IoT has to offer, players need to start playing the best games using the best technology the gaming sector has to offer

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