With the currency market is a decentralized entity, the trading and the processing orders are being carried out. It is important that one should open an account with a broker, which will provide the online platform where trading forex is done. It is best to opt for the brokers who operate in the UK, and this is one of the best options for those who are living and residing in the UK. There is a wide range of forex brokers in the market, and it is essential that one chooses the right broker. This article will take a look at what are top and the best forex brokers in the UK.

A look at the top and the best forex brokers in the UK:

HYCM requires a minimum deposit of $100, and the spread is from 1, 5 pips. The leverage of 1:400 and the regulation is FCA UK (#186171) and cySEC (#259/14).

FX open has the minimum deposit requirement for this broker, that is $300. The spread is floating from 0 pips. The leverage is from 500:1 and the regulations are FCA UK, and the reference number is 579202.

OCTAFX has the minimum deposit is of $5 and spread is from 0.2 pips. The leverage is from 500:1. The regulation is FSA (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), FCA UK (#679306).

Plus 500 has the minimum deposit of 100 euro, and the spread can be low as 0.01%, where the 0.01%= spread for EUR/USD and the leverage is of 1:294. The regulations are ASIC, cySEC and FCA UK.

ETX Capital minimum $100 and the spread can start from 0.7 pips. The leverage is 400:1 and the regulation is of FCA UK, and the reference number is 124721.

Tick mill has got a minimum deposit of $25, and it starts from 0 pips. The leverage is 500:1 and the regulations are FCA UK and FSA (Seychelles).

These are only some of the best forex brokers in the UK, and one will need to check individually about each of the brokers to see if the broker is suitable for them or not. There are various factors one will need to consider when choosing the right broker and these are listed below:

How reliable is the trading platform offered by the broker?

What are the leverage and the margin the broker offers?

The types of accounts the broker offers.

The types of spread that the broker provides

Whether the broker charges for any certain amount of commission or fees for the trades which is executed by one.

The amount of money that one will need to deposit

The currency options which are available

The payment methods which are offered by the broker.

The terms and the conditions offered by the broker for the withdrawal of the funds.

Whether the customer service of the broker is fast enough or not.

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