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Descended from a long line of nerds, Stu’s been gaming since before he could reach the kitchen counter, and writing since he learned to read. Primarily interested in RPGs and action titles with rich narratives, Stu just wants to play a good story that’ll challenge him both intellectually and emotionally.

Stu is a strong believer in the gaming industry as a provider of unique and important interactive experiences, that reflect the complex nature and development of the social groups that create them. He’s an advocate of critically examining the industry and its practices, particularly with regard to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment for those it seeks to entertain.

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  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Occupation: Client Care Technician at Friendship Hospital for Animals
  • Interests: Writing, gaming (RPGs, Stealth, Action, Dramatic), critical analysis, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, and kickin' tunes.
  • Role: Members
  • Last Visit: Jan 23, 2014
  • Join Date: Jun 25, 2013


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