We know Yarn Yoshi is on it's way to the Wii U eventually, so it's more prevalent than ever to take a look back at some of the series roots. Yoshi's Island is often considered a rather iconic game for the other "green" hero who's name doesn't start with an L. Nintendo 3DS Daily is doing an in-depth analysis of the entire game, starting with part one of a long series. Here's an excerpt:

Whether this intro scene was a holdover from the “prerendered graphics controversy” or whether it was always intended to look distinct from the rest of the game, it certainly stands out. While it looks radically different, it carries a storybook feel, which fits the rest of the game’s style nicely. The intro is actually rather dark and subdued, depicting a “dusky, pre-dawn sky,” Yoshi walking through a dark jungle, and Kamek in his castle before finally showing some broad daylight. The music-box-inspired tune is simple and emotional, and hilariously comes to a halt early and needs to be rewound.

The title screen is truly a memorable one: a rotating view of the bright, colorful inviting island. Even as the game shows off its graphical muscles (in a friendly, incidental way, not like an intimidating bully), the standout here is the music. Initially, we hear only the sounds of waves crashing onto the beach. The music slowly and quietly makes itself heard, a gentle, relaxing piece lazily drifting through your ears.
There is just a lot of great stuff in this. To think, it's only the beginning! What are some of your fondest memories of Yoshi's Island?

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