Following the Nintendo Switch event, many gamers were quick and eager to preorder the console. Despite a rather thin library of games at launch, Nintendo hopes to sell most (if not all) of its hardware. According to research firm DFC Intelligence, they predict that Nintendo Switch will sell over 40 million units through 2020, which would be three times as many units as the Wii U.

According to DFC, "demand is expected to be strong and the major issue will be whether the system can attract a broad audience starting in the holiday sales season of 2017."

If Switch does achieve this number, that would make it Nintendo's fourth-most successful game console, ahead of Wii U, GameCube, and Nintendo 64.

While beating the Wii U in terms of sales should not be too difficult of a task, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo Switch could meet that predicted sales figure. Do you think Nintendo Switch's performance will be a major difference from Wii U? Discuss in the comments below!

Source: GamesIndustry