In celebration of the upcoming release of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has published an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto revealing some interesting information about the creation of Donkey Kong. It turns out that Nintendo had a company bathtub, in which employees could wash after work and could relax at night when everyone went home. It was in the company bathtub that Miyamoto came up with the idea for Donkey Kong. He said that the it "saved him" and "was really effective at letting me put my ideas in order."

"At the time, I was living in company-owned housing, just across the river from the office. So every day, I was just going back and forth between the office and the company housing. Thank goodness we had a company bathtub!"

"Yes (there was a company bath). At that time, our office was in Tobakaido, which also housed the hanafuda factory. There was a water boiler that was used to make the hanafuda, and the water from this boiler was also used for a bathtub. The employees making the hanafuda could wash their sweat away in the bath after work, and at night when nobody was around, you could hang out there for a long time. It totally saved me. It was really effective at letting me put my ideas in order." — Shigeru Miyamoto

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Source: Nintendo (via Wired)

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