In 1996, the SEGA Saturn was home to a dual tactical RPG/dating sim in the form of Sakura Wars, which follows the story of an all-women task force known as the Imperial Assault Squad in their bid to defend the world from evil. The franchise was a hit in Japan and spawned OVAs, an anime series, and a movie on top of several sequels, the last of which—Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love—was the first to hit North America on PlayStation 2 and Wii. Since then, the series has faded into obscurity, aside from tie-ins with the Project X Zone games.

One fan poll and a SEGA Fes 2018 livestream later, however, SEGA has announced that a brand new game, tentatively titled "Shin Sakura Wars," is currently in development. Little is known about the actual game at this time, other than it being scheduled for a 2019 launch at the earliest and that it is a direct followup to the fifth game in the series.

However, this reveal proves interesting, as it follows the results of a poll SEGA of Japan held in late 2016. Keep in mind that the poll was aimed at Japanese fans, but with several thousand votes compiled, these were the results of that poll at the time:

  1. Sakura Wars (2457)
  2. Jet Set Radio (1485)
  3. Virtual On (729)
  4. Shenmue (727)
  5. Virtua Fighter (581)
  6. Panzer Dragoon (538)
  7. Shining Force (518)
  8. Skies of Arcadia (483)
  9. Streets of Rage (437)
  10. NiGHTS into dreams… (261)

And thus, a new Sakura Wars game came into being and is set to launch in the near future, suggesting it entered development last year. Yu Suzuki is leading the fray for a third Shenmue game, while SEGA announced last night that the first two games of that franchise would be remastered for modern platforms later this year. The last game in the Panzer Dragoon franchise, Panzer Dragoon Orta, was released for the original Xbox in 2002, and is now becoming Xbox One backward compatible in just a few days.

So with all of that and the poll in mind... please, SEGA. Jeff wants him a new Jet Set Radio game. Which classic SEGA franchise would you most like to see revived next? Share your thoughts with us below.

Source: SEGAbits

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