It may seem hard to believe, but Nintendo hasn't released a main-series Mario game (2D or 3D) since Super Mario 3D World launched in late 2013; since then, fans of the plumber's exploits have had only the myriad of user-created levels from last year's Super Mario Maker to tide them over. Now, however, a Reddit user called Kosten_Rei has created a 40-level Mario game in Super Mario Maker that can help with the wait even more! The game is currently untitled, and features ten worlds with four levels each; each level uses the Super Mario World art style, and each world features a unique theme. According to the creator, the levels range in difficulty from normal to expert.

If you'd like to play Kosten_Rei's game, you can head over to the Reddit post linked below to find links to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site listings for all of the levels, as well as course IDs.

Source: Reddit

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