Have you ever wondered what it would look like if, instead of battling Bowser and his cartoonish gang of Goombas and other baddies, Mario faced off against brimstone and terrors in the world of Dark Souls III? Thankfully, a fan has answered that question by recreating the recent Odyssey trailer from E3 in the world of that very game.

YouTube content creator JellyElite~ made the above video, complete with Mayor Pauline's soothing vocals, modded versions of Mario's hat and jumping abilities, and more. Scenic and devastated vistas await Dark Souls Mario as he explores the world around him and perhaps faces down more than he bargained for. If Super Mario Odyssey is going to look this terrifying (or hilarious) at any point, we might truly have something special on our hands come October 27th when the game launches on Nintendo Switch.

What did you think of this fanmade trailer? Are there other game worlds you would like to see Mario explore that Nintendo would likely never let the plumber visit? Let us know of your crossover dreams in the comments below!

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