A few months ago, we found out about a modder who completely remade Super Mario 64's Bob-Omb Battlefield as an area in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and it turns out he's not finished yet! In fact, YouTuber MeTheMarioMan has set his sights much higher, as he is now attempting to completely remake every level from the Nintendo 64 classic with the Galaxy 2 engine. While they may not be perfect recreations, as not every asset of 64 exists in the Wii title, he's still made a great deal of progress and already has several levels looking great.

"This hack is still early in development, and will take a long time to complete, if it ever does get completed. This is a hack for Super Mario Galaxy 2 that is meant to be a remake of Super Mario 64. Those two levels I made (Bob-omb Galaxy and Lethal Lava Galaxy) were beta courses for this hack. Neither of those specific levels will be in the game since I am revising both of them. This is one of the only Super Mario Galaxy hacks currently in development, so hopefully it can be one of the only released ones eventually." — MeTheMarioMan

You can check out the reveal trailer for this hack, as well as a follow-up looking at a trio of courses he's already designed, in the videos below! A later video explains that, unlike his original Bob-Omb Battlefield level, he will not be releasing any demos of this hack for some time, as they are still very much works-in-progress. Hopefully he'll be able to get a lot of work done on these so that we can experience them for ourselves soon!

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