It's now only a few days until Kirby: Planet Robobot Launches in the US on June 10th. In a new trailer, Nintendo has highlighted the features various Amiibo will bring to the game. When players use the Mario Smash Bros. Amiibo, they will activate Fire-Kirby. Splatoon amiibo are shown to morph him into Poison-Kirby, and Roy will change him to Sword-Kirby.

The game is launching alongside a new range of Kirby Amiibo, which all also activate special abilities in the game. The Kirby Amiibo gives you UFO-Kirby, Meta Knight gives Kirby his blue costume and sword, King Dedede activates Hammer-Kirby, and the Waddle Dee Amiibo activates Parasol-Kirby.

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