Nintendo launched their Nintendo Switch Online app earlier this year, adding special support for certain games like Splatoon 2 and giving players access to voice chat features for that game. The app was not met with cheers of delight, however; aside from it being a smartphone app rather than a feature of the Switch itself, there were some glaring issues that greatly limited its convenience. Well, at least two of those problems no longer exist, as last night Nintendo updated the app to allow voice chats to continue while multitasking and when your phone is asleep.

When the app launched, gamers were stunned to find that Nintendo hadn't allowed for this basic functionality—if you tried to put your phone into sleep mode to conserve battery life or if you moved to a different app for any reason, the voice chat immediately stopped functioning for you. You may have been able to hear others speak, but you yourself could not be heard unless you had the app open and the phone wide awake. It's taken a few months, but Nintendo has finally fixed these issues.

Whether or not this gets anyone to change their mind about the usefulness of the Nintendo Switch Online app's voice chat functionality remains to be seen; there are plenty of other third party voice chat programs that players have been opting to use for a while now. But it's nice to see that Nintendo has fixed these issues nonetheless. Such features certainly won't hurt the app's chances, after all.

Have you tried using the Nintendo Switch Online voice chat function before? Do you find it a worthwhile way of doing voice chat, especially with this update, or should Nintendo have really just kept such functions to the console itself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Apple Store (via GoNintendo)