For those who didn't know, Nintendo and Nickelodeon recently teamed up to deliver a month's worth of TMNT-related Splatfests to determine which Ninja Turtle is the best. Raph's fans dominated the first match over Leo, and Donnie took the victory in the battle against Mikey. The ultimate clash between Raph and Donnie took place this weekend, and a winner has finally been crowned.

Both teams fought valiantly. Raph had way more fans on his side, but when it came to the overall score, Donnie emerged victorious. Congratulations to everyone on Team Donnie, and we hope everybody had a great time playing Splatoon 2 with each other this weekend.

Hopefully Nintendo will do more Splatfests with a tournament bracket. What would you like to see in future events? Personally, I would like to see a Splatfest focused on how you like your steak cooked. That could be an all out war.