Nintendo just revealed a ton of new details about Splatoon 2 at a demo during their Treehouse stream. The game itself is set two years after the first Splatoon, and a lot has changed. All the special attacks featured in Splatoon 2 are brand new. The Jetpack special allows the player to fly in midair and shoot at their opponents and when it runs out, you are returned to where you launched it. Splatsdown allows the player to slam the ground and create an ink explosion when jumping to a teammate. The Tenta-Missiles lets the player target an opponent and then send four homing missiles towards them.

Although the specials are new, we are getting several familiar weapons in Splatoon 2, but with some upgrades. The Charger can now save your charge so you can fire immediately after moving, and the Roller can now let out a thinner but farther reaching wave of ink if you attack with it while jumping.

One of the new stages called The Reef was also shown off, where the player used the Splat Dualies, which are dual-wielding weapons that provide good coverage.

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Source: Nintendo Treehouse Live with Nintendo Switch