I do not regret that title. The salt is light, but it is real.

Much as I hope we see some different weapons in this game as E3 continues, the seven swordsmen and women we've had confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors thus far are looking outstanding. Nintendo Treehouse took half an hour today to provide us with an in-depth look at the game and its content, showing off how multiple heroes from through the Fire Emblem canon battle in this new realm. Whether you're looking forward to slicing through enemies as Ryoma or overwhelming them with Corrin's draconic transformations, you'll definitely want to check out this footage and all the new details we learned from it!

The gameplay demo started off in a standard Warriors-type map, letting us see how these various characters control and how Fire Emblem's systems have been worked into the game. Players can control multiple heroes per battle, and you can switch between them with a touch of a button—or, using the map, command your various heroes to travel to different areas and take on other characters or challenges for you. Also on display was this game's version of the popular Pair Up system from Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates, which allows for dual attacks, dual guards, and even special attacks where both fighters work together to decimate their foes. A Support system of some sort was also confirmed, though we didn't get many details about it.

From there, the Treehouse gave us an exclusive look at Coliseum Mode, a feature inspired by Fire Emblem's recurring Arenas. This mode will focus more on one-on-one battles, as you will only control one character and be tasked with taking out other heroes scattered throughout the map. Your foes might call in reinforcements, but you'll be all on your own.

While that pretty much covers the gameplay, there was one more surprise saved for the end of the demonstration, and it's given me some hope that we'll see announcements of non-sword-wielding characters in the next few days of the Treehouse: Amiibo. Two new Fire Emblem Amiibo were revealed, one of Chrom and the other of Young Tiki, and they confirmed that these—and all other Fire Emblem Amiibo—will be compatible with Warriors. I can only hope that Tiki and several other reveals await us in the days to come!

What do you think of Fire Emblem Warriors so far? How does the game look to you? Check out the full video above, and let us know your thoughts on it all in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Livestream at E3 2017