Angry Birds Trilogy is a full retail game that has been released for some time now on several home and portable consoles alike, combining the original three Angry Birds games into one title for gamers who prefer to play on consoles over iOS and Android devices. Angry Birds Trilogy has until been missing on Wii and Wii U, even though it has been released for Nintendo 3DS for quite some time. Today, however, Activision has confirmed that Angry Birds Trilogy will be making its way to Nintendo's two dedicated home consoles some time in 2013.

Since launch, Angry Birds Trilogy has sold over one million copies—a pretty solid number for something you can download to a phone for on tenth of the cost. The mobile sales of the games, however, are five-hundred times that of the console counterpart, which is rather impressive on its own. It just goes to show how powerful an addictive concept and word-of-mouth can be.

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