It's hard to believe Nintendo was against developing mobile games for their franchises not too long ago. Super Mario Run was amazingly popular, and Fire Emblem Heroes has made bank through microtransactions. It looks like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp might end up being the best of both worlds for Nintendo; the mobile game featuring a condensed version of the famous life simulation formula sporting animal characters has already been downloaded more than 15 million times worldwide in its first six days on the market.

Since Pocket Camp was released worldwide last week on the App Store and Google Play, it has been able to draw in Animal Crossing fans and newcomers alike. Its downloads more than double the initial 7 million that Fire Emblem Heroes earned. Of course, Pocket Camp has a long way to go however in order to gross more than Heroes, and Super Mario Run is still the king of Nintendo's early downloads with 32 million in the first six days after launch. But Fire Emblem Heroes has made far more money than Mario Run, so Animal Crossing's emulation of that monetization tactic could end up doing that much better in the long run.

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Source: SensorTower