There's tons of speculation about which characters Nintendo will include in the newest entry to the Super Smash Bros. series. Of course, we all know the Inklings from Splatoon will finally get a moment to shine later this year when Smash debuts on Switch, but many fans are dying to know if the company's other new property, ARMS, will be receiving any love as well.

ARMS director Kosuke Yabuki had a chance to address this in an interview with Polygon, where he explained the game is still fairly new and that, of course, he is not allowed to comment about the possibility:

"I think the correct reaction is to say 'I can't answer that!' Another thing I'd say is that ARMS is so young — it's only a year old — that maybe it's too early to think about that. But I think it's absolutely fantastic that there are people out there talking about ARMS characters in that way." — Kosuke Yabuki

It's awesome to see that ARMS was such a hit with Nintendo fans. Would you like to see these characters in Smash? What would their moves be like? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Polygon