People seem to be gravitating to ARMS for the Nintendo Switch just like they did with Splatoon two years back on the Wii U. The game packs a punch with most reviewers, and the game is impacting the fighter genre with something incredibly unique—just as Splatoon did with third-person shooters. If you like ARMS, you definitely will not be able to go anywhere else to get a similar kick, and the critics are singing that praise.

Our own review of ARMS seems to be an average response; reviewers are typically settling on numeric scores of 7 or 8 for the game.  For those outlets that do not use numeric scores, the response seems to be appropriately aligned: generally positive on the whole and hopeful that free content updates for ARMS will increase the value of the game even more.  ARMS has a critics' score of 78 on Metacritic.

Reviewers are mostly finding fault in ARMS' extra modes (especially team and three-player battles) and a lack of story focus that could have made the whimsical characters stand out even more in Nintendo's crazy new IP.  The motion controls have been mostly praised, but some of have also said that traditional controls (those with the pro controller especially) can more easily help fighters stay competitive online.

Are you going to pick up ARMS for the Nintendo Switch on June 16th?  Do you think it will be a fun revolution for the fighting game genre or will the small stumbles reviewers have pointed out get in the way for you?  Share your hopes and worries for one of the initial first-party games for the Switch in the comments below!

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