The ARMS 2.0 update has released, bringing with it a playable version of Max Brass that fighters can start practicing and battling with now. The additional free content also includes a detailed record-keeping system for players and a brand new versus mode starring Hedlok.

Max Brass comes with his default ARMS sets: the Nades, Roasters, and Kablammers. Just as he did in the main game's grand prix, Max Brass can buff up for charged attacks and does not flinch much, making him an excellent choice for those who prefer brute strength in their ARMS matches. Anyone with the updated game can also try out the Sky Arena stage in all versus modes too.

Brass is not the only familiar face returning for something new in this update; Hedlok is also back, appearing in a new mode called "Hedlok Scramble." Here, players and CPUs in local or online matches fight over control of Hedlok, which one fighter can then equip in order to beat each other into submission while the others try to survive and take him down.

The main menu screen also leads to a another treasure trove for those seeking information about how they have performed in ARMS so far and in the future. A new records system keeps track of players' favorite ARMS, matches won, friends, and other information for the detail-oriented. Currently-unspecified online events can now be signed up for on the menu as well.

Have you checked your copy of ARMS recently for this new update? If so, what are your thoughts on Max Brass and the new Hedlok Scramble mode? What future updates can you see ARMS getting in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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