Various game modes were revealed for ARMS in today's Nintendo Direct for the title. From a grand prix and minigames to a plethora of options for online and local versus matches, ARMS looks like it will have a lot to offer when it releases on June 16th.

ARMS already has 10 playable characters, three of which were newly revealed in today's Nintendo Direct. Players will be able to take each of them and any combinations of Arms they like into the various game modes ARMS has to offer for both local and online play.

Here is a list of the various game modes ARMS has to offer:

  • Grand Prix: available in single player and co-op. This mode allows fighters to tackle ten other opponents in the game in different types of matches, culminating in a final battle with a mysterious challenger who looks like he packs a lot of firepower.

  • Fight: a one-on-one match which features items such as shock bombs and HP juice that can heal fighters. There is also a Team Fight mode which pits two pairs of fighters together, but there is a catch: team members are linked together by a chain and cannot move far apart from one another. This also means that some attacks can affect both members of a pair.
  • V-Ball: volleyball-based minigames in which fighters bounce an explosive volleyball back and forth across a net. As narrator Biff mentions in the Direct, since fighters' arms are so stretchy, they can hit the ball while it is on the opponent's side of the net too!
  • Hoops: basketball-based minigames in which you are the ball! Opponents can be beaten into submission and dunked into a hoop for more points.
  • Skillshot: points-based game in which ARMS fighters must smash through as many targets as possible. Opponents are on opposite sides of the arenas, and they can throw or punch one another to disrupt each other's efforts.
  • 1-on-100 mode: allows any fighter to climb into the ring with 100 Helix-like clones to destroy.
  • ARMS Test and Training: gives any player the chance to try out different Arms combinations. Since there are literally thousands of Arms permutations, this mode could prove very useful.
  • Party Match (online): can support up to twenty players on ten separate Nintendo Switch consoles. Online play can offer battles with friends and strangers and in any array of two, three, and four-player matches.
  • Ranked Battle (online): offered for anyone seeking the glory of becoming a true ARMS champion. After one-on-one matches, if you win, your rank goes up one level, and if you lose, your rank goes down a level.

On top of all of this, ARMS promises new fighters, stages, and Arms to be released after the game comes out as free updates. Much like Splatoon before it, ARMS will continue to grow as a platform with no extra purchases necessary.

Do these game modes excite you for the possibilities ARMS provides? Is this enough for you to purchase the game? If you are on the fence, do not forget to check out the ARMS Global Testpunch in the coming weeks!

Source: Nintendo Direct