One of Nintendo's biggest holiday success stories is the launch of their line of Amiibo NFC figures. In the space of just three weeks the toys' sales exceeded 710,000 with demand bolstered by product scarcity. A look at Best Buy's online sales data demonstrates the awesome selling power of Amiibo.

As the new contender in a market already dominated by figures for Skylanders and Disney INFINITY, Amiibo emerged strongly. The figures show that out of the top 20 best-selling NFC collectibles, Amiibo and Disney INFINITY figures each took up exactly half the chart, with ten each. Expanding this data to the top 50 leaves the two in an equal standing at 36%, with Skylanders toys making up the remaining 28%.

Nintendo is anticipating continued success with Amiibo as they introduce more figures into the market. Game-enhancing collectible toys have a tendency to sell beyond the release of their respective game.

As Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé puts it:

“If you look at this category, you sell a number of figures during the holiday selling season, but the bulk of the volume comes in the next six months. That’s where the consumer mentality is, 'Okay, I have one figure that I’ve started to play with, but now I need the next, and the next, and the next after that.'”

Source: ConsulGamer

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