At their EA Play presentation moments ago, EA announced that Anthem, the latest game from BioWare, will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22nd, 2019. They also hosted a deep-dive discussion with several developers of the game and released some new trailers.

In the discussion, the developers stated that the game will take place in a living, shared world. Dynamic weather, time of day, and seasons will change the game world for everyone playing the game. They also talked about the game's story, which takes place in a world that was left unfinished by the gods; the gods' tools are still present in the world, however, which factors in to much of the game's conflict.

You play as a freelancer piloting a Javelin exosuit, which come in four different styles: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm. The Ranger is an all-purpose class of suit which excels at up-close, one-on-one combat, whereas the Colossus is a heavier suit with more devastating weapons. The developers did not discuss any specifics of the other two classes of Javelin, but they did state that they will be highly customizable. Players will be able to customize their suits by changing the paint job (including what looks like a Mass Effect-inspired one), or even the geometry of the suit itself.

The developers also talked about the game's monetization strategy, confirming that there would be cosmetic and vanity items available for purchase through microtransactions, but there will not be loot boxes or gameplay-enhancing purchases in the game. They stated that the game will be an "ongoing service" but did not elaborate on whether this would include new content (free or paid) after launch.

What do you guys think about Anthem? You can let us know by posting in the comments, and check out the new trailers for the game below!

Source: EA Play 2018