We love to report rumors, especially when they get people talking, so this time around we have an especially juicy one. Microsoft's next-gen Xbox has been rumored to use an AMD-based chipset in the past and Bloomberg seems to be backing up this rumor in their latest report.

The new console will use a chip based off of AMD's Jaguar APU architecture and that due to a shift from Power PC tech to an x86 system, the next Xbox will not be backwards compatible. This backs up the supposed spec leak that stated the system would use a 1.6GHz 8-core AMD CPU, similar to the PS4's 8-core AMD processor based on the same Jaguar architecture.

There were no other hardware specs mentioned in the report, but Microsoft is said to be planning an event for May 21st where they'll reveal the new Xbox which is rumored to launch in November of this year.

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