One of the more exciting announcements out of Nintendo was that Star Fox Wii U is a real thing, but that's about all we heard about it... until now. They held a private event on Sunday for select media members, but until now we hadn't heard much about the game outside of some brief descriptions of a few stages. That all changes right now. Check out the video above, where IGN goes in-depth with their experience with the game. Here are a few notes:

  • GamePad use is strictly for aiming, you still fly and do tricks with the control sticks.
  • The aiming is actually really intuitive and a clear advantage over the prior system used in games like Star Fox 64.
  • The helicopter has a robot guy you can drop down and control in first person.
  • Traditional on rails, valley style, stages are returning.
  • The demo took place in a boss mode type area from prior games.
  • Very adamant the game is happening, and they want it out a year from now (2015 summer).
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