Originally, Build-A-Bear Workshop had plans to release an exclusive Pikachu stuffed animal in early 2016. However, the company has decided to release it this month, and you can place a preorder right now. A line of accessories and outfits inspired by Pokémon are releasing with the Pikachu as well, including a Charizard hoodie and Pokéball-inspired clothing. Customers will be able to pick from two different options.

The options are split between online, which comes with a special Pokémon card, and in-store. Online customers will receive the 15-inch Pikachu along with the Charizard hoodie. They will also receive a 6-in-one Pikachu sound pack that will have various expressions. Both the hoodie and sound pack are exclusive to online along with the trading card. In-store, customers will receive the Pikachu alone, while any additional outfits or accessories will cost extra. The online deal costs $60, and the in-store one will start at $28.

If you are itching to get one for yourself, or perhaps for someone else that you know would enjoy it this holiday season, you can reserve one here.

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