Capcom's Street Fighter V launched with sixteen playable characters, and since then more have been released as DLC, and even more are on the way. Capcom will continue to support the fighting game with new characters over time, but not everyone made the cut. In addition to certain characters from past games being excluded, Capcom was also working on a handful of new characters that were eventually either scrapped or re-imagined as someone else. In a recent blog post, Capcom gave us an inside look at some artwork and story for some of these cancelled characters, including Gen's Disciple, a Prototype Shadaloo Soldier, and more.

Fighting Literary Master

You need wits, not only power, in a fight! He's an old man that constantly grumbles to himself. The pen is not mightier than the sword in this game, however.

Fighting President

This character idea also came up during Street Fighter IV. Seems like Akiman also came up with an idea for a fighting politician.

Clumsy Cutie

When this cutie starts fighting, her clothes start becoming more tattered due to her clumsiness. Uses tools when fighting. This idea came about when we were coming up for designs for Laura.

Miss Babo

This also came around when we were coming up for designs for Laura. She understood the hardships that Laura had when she was born. Even though we already had a name for her, she got cut.

Soccer Fighter

The Brazilian male representative. Way too similar to Roberto from Rival Schools, so he got the cut. BTW, Roberto was one of my favorite characters!

Gen's Disciple

He's a young, ambitious fighter that learned Gen's Assassin's Fist and continued its legacy. Gen had fallen ill due to disease, and he sought to defeat Akuma, one of Gen's rivals. He didn't make the cut, so don't worry, Gen is alive and well!

The Teacher

An idea that we had when brainstorming ideas for F.A.N.G. At the time we wanted a character that used dark weapons and poison hands. He was a popular choice but wasn't evil enough, so he got nixed.

Prototype Shadaloo Soldier

A design that takes inspiration from the Aliens vs. Predator franchise. If you look at it like that, this Shadaloo soldier is pretty idyllic. But yeah, he didn't make the cut. Anyway, we love to come up with ideas for new characters so please look forward to more ideas that we plan to show off...that didn't make the cut.

Source: Capcom Fighters Network

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