Wednesday morning, I awoke to the surprising announcement that Netflix was partnering to bring The Witcher to life through a new television series. Despite this exciting news, it appears some well-known names from the franchise won't be around to help with its creation. Neither CD Projekt Red nor Geralt's voice actor, Doug Cockle, are involved with the production at all.

In regards to any possible involvement with the series, a representative from CD Projekt Red told IGN, "CD Projekt RED is actually not involved in this. We wish this project all the best and are looking forward to watching the series on Netflix." Following this, Doug Cockle was asked about his participation by a fan, to which he denied any current involvement. He did indicate that he would love to be a part of the development if given the chance, though, urging fans to campaign the companies to make it happen!

While this might already cast doubts in some minds as to the quality of the series, it's still way too early to tell. I still have the highest hopes for the series and couldn't be more anxious for it to come out!

Source: IGN

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