Fire Emblem Warriors is less than a month away for most of the world, but Japan is getting it in a mere week, and that means it's time for Nintendo and Koei Tecmo to provide the final reveals for their upcoming title. During the Tokyo Game Show today, they've confirmed yet another character from that leak a few days back, and it's the second character that had gamers dubious: Celica. Fire Emblem Echoes' princess of Zofia will indeed be joining the fight!

This pretty much confirms that Anna and Young Tiki will also be in the game, as stated in that leak, and the former has also gotten another hint thanks to some new promotional art released for the game. Anna can be seen among the group of previously-announced warriors, and while it doesn't explicitly call her out as being playable, the leak means it's pretty likely. The only question left now is whether or not that actually was Navarre hidden in last week's Direct trailer, and what his presence in the game could mean. Are there even more characters that the leaked box art didn't reveal?

You can check out a new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors, along with footage and screenshots of Celica in-game, below; the Anna reveal image is also there. Are you excited to see these new characters in this crossover title? When do you think they'll give Caeda and Young Tiki an official reveal? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GoNintendo (1, 2)