One of Nintendo's surprise announcements during their E3 Direct this year was the reveal of Super Mario Party, a brand new entry in the multiplayer, friendship-ending franchise. Featuring new boards and minigames, along with a distinct lack of riding in cars, the next Party starts up in October. If you're curious or worried about how this new title might play, the Nintendo Treehouse has you covered. They've been streaming their new games all E3, and one of their segments was all about Super Mario Party.

Several new items and minigames were shown off in the footage. Items include the Buddy Phone, which can call in another character to partner up with you, allowing you to add their extra dice roll to your own each turn; the Golden Drink, which turns your character golden and gives you a coin for every space you move that turn; the "Coinado", which steals 5-10 coins from another player; and several more.

Meanwhile, some of the minigames on display were "Dust Buddies," "Sign, Steal, and Deliver," "Slaparazzi," and "Smash and Crab." Several of these featured interesting 3 vs. 1 mechanics. Additionally, plenty more minigames were seen via a special Minigame Mode that lets you just play whatever minigames you want; 56 of the 80 slots on this screen were visible, so if you look close you might be able to make out what some of these other games are all about. You can see a screenshot of that below.

You can check out the footage for this game in the video above! How are you liking the look of Super Mario Party so far?

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 2018