On the last day of their E3 Treehouse livestream, Nintendo revealed that DLC for ARMS is coming very soon. A spectator mode will be updated into the game as early as this month, and the first additional character—the ridiculous and buff Max Brass—will be unleashed next month for fighters to try out.

July's DLC character Max Brass looks like a formidable ARMS foe, and you can see him in action in the Treehouse segment above. His gimmick is being able to buff up at any time when he charges, meaning that the stud will not flinch against some punches. He can also create shockwaves when dashing, much like Spring Man can, to deflect incoming punches. Also like Spring Man, Max Brass's ARMS become permanently charged when his HP depletes past his last 25%.

In terms of character, Max Brass is reportedly the greatest champion in the history of the ARMS Grand Prix. He is so grand that even his ARMS are made out of the used leather of his previous championship belts—so, naturally, he wants another. The second DLC update will add Max Brass to the game next month, but first an update adding the spectator mode to ARMS will be coming within the next few weeks.

Are you glad that ARMS will be getting free DLC updates, much like Splatoon? And what other characters would you like to see appear in this brand new fighting experience? Let us know how your playtime with ARMS is going down below!