Ubisoft is known for extravagance in their special editions and for having countless special editions for their games, with the Assassin's Creed series sometimes receiving anywhere between fifteen to thirty different collectors versions. After this week, we're seeing that Assassin's Creed Origins is no exception, and they're really going all out. Ubisoft has unveiled an $800 Collector's Edition that includes a gold steelbook case, a season pass, and a hell of a lot more.

It also includes a 28.7 inch statue of the main character, Bayek, four lithographs, a soundtrack, an artbook, art cards, and an eagle amulet. The amulet, lithographs, and cards will ship in early July, whereas everything else will come alongside the game itself in October. There will only be 999 copies of this special edition, so it's certainly a collector's item if you can afford it.

What do you think of this Collector's Edition? Do you think it's worth 800 smackeroos? Hit up the comments to let us know how you feel!

Source: Ubisoft Store