After years of fans asking for it, Ridley will finally appear as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Immediately after Nintendo's E3 presentation, Treehouse Live showed off some of the moves the big guy will have, and they followed that up later with another segment showing off how Inklings will function in the game.

One of the notoriously infamous things about Ridley is how big he is. In fact, he's the largest Smash fighter in the roster. He was an incredibly difficult character to put in, but Sakurai persisted due to demands from fans, mostly from the West. A cruel fighter, Ridley can pick up his opponents and drag them on the floor. He can also jump while grabbing opponents, which can't be done by other fighters. 

Ridley's Neutral Special attack is a fireball. If you hold the button, you can charge it up to fire a stream of fireballs. But just like in the original game, Ridley is weak when he's charging it, so he'll take far more damage when hit at this time. Ridley's Up Special allows him to dash in any direction you would like, and his Down Special uses his tail for attacks. If a target is hit in their sweet spot, the tail will inflict massive damage. Otherwise, the move is pretty weak. 

Nintendo Treehouse also gave us a look at the Inkling's moveset. Just like in Splatoon, you have to think about ink management when playing as the Inklings. Each of the character portraits has an ink tank next to them to show how much ink they have left. Not having enough ink can even weaken their moves, and it will even make some moves unusable.

The Inklings Special move is the Splattershot. Another is the ink roller, which buries enemies into the ground, and rolling over them again sends them flying. The roller also covers the ground in ink, which will slow down other opponents. The Inklings' Up Special is a super jump that can damage surrounding enemies and recharges your ink. They can also use splat bombs. Tapping the button will lob it into the air, while holding it will allow you to throw it straight ahead.

All of the Smash attacks are different Splatoon weapons. The Side Smash is the Ink Brush, the Down Smash is the Slosher, and the Up Smash is the Blaster. The Final Smash, the Killer Wail, can be aimed, or you can set-and-forget it. After setting it down, you can jump into its beam of energy to beat up on your trapped opponents even more.

You can check out all of Ridley and the Inklings' sweet moves in the videos below! What do you think of Ridley and the Inklings as fighters? Have all of your Smash dreams come true? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Treehouse