Overwatch has enjoyed a ton of success so far, and one of the ways it's done so is by having regular holiday-themed (or Olympics-themed) events, offering special rewards and loot to players who participate in the game during these time periods. If Blizzard keeps to the timetable they've been using, we'll be due for another one next month, and thanks to some new voice lines discovered in Overwatch, we have extra reason to believe that it will be themed for Valentine's Day.

This event, if real, could be one of the most important ones for the game and its fanbase so far. A lot of the title's fanbase has focused in on the relationships between characters, especially the potentially romantic ones—and if Blizzard was going to confirm or deny any of these shipping possibilities, a Valentine's event would be the perfect time for it. In fact, the leaked voice lines already contain strong hints that one such pairing is indeed real; whether this causes you to celebrate or shake your screen in outrage depends on how you feel about a certain doctor and her cybernetic patient. There are also a few lines provided between brothers Genji and Hanzo, which are also included below.

How would you like a Valentine's Day event in Overwatch? What do you think of the possible confirmation of certain romantic pairings between characters? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit (via PVP Live)