Pokémon GO has been out for about six months now, and it's available in the majority of the world at this point. One major market it has not yet reached, however, is China, and it turns out it probably won't get to anytime soon. According to a report from Reuters, the government of China has decided not to license GO and other AR titles, at least not for now, as they wish to first evaluate the potential security and safety risks that such games could create.

These aren't unfounded concerns, as a number of real-life Pokémon trainers have been injured or even killed while they were playing the game. Others have entered into secure areas of hospitals and trespassed onto dangerous terrain in order to catch certain creatures. Even if the game wasn't directly responsible for these actions or injuries, it's still raised the question of how dangerous AR games can be, and China seems to want to determine the answer to that before letting its citizens play the title. Not to mention, they'd have to let Google Maps into China in order for the game to work, which they've already been hesitant about doing.

What do you think of this move on China's part? Are they correct to hold off on the game, at least for now, or is keeping it from potential players a bad move on the part of the government? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reuters

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