JP Mangalindan, the writer for CNN Money known for having the most kickass name ever, just wrote a short piece on the Wii U's struggle after launch. It's pretty insightful, critical in a fair way, and makes some good points. He starts by saying that the issue isn't with the system itself; he got some hands-on time with it and was very impressed. However, he knows business, and thinks he's figured out how to help turn sales around for the big N.

He believes that a price cut would do wonders for moving the Wii U into homes; this is interesting, as the Wii U is technically one of the cheapest consoles in a while, after adjusting for inflation. However, with mobile gaming becoming more and more common, Mangalindan (that name never gets old) is convinced that an iPad will take priority over the average consumer with $300 to spend on some tech. It'll be interesting to see how this affects the Orbis and Durango...there's no way those consoles will manage to be below the Wii U's price point, not if they still intend to be as powerful as the rumors have suggested.

Another complaint he has is the firmware; this has no doubt been one of the biggest issues with the console. Luckily, Nintendo has been making moves to fix the long loading times, but the longer it takes to patch up, the harder it'll be to spread positive word-of-mouth.

Lastly, he calls for faster game development. There has been a disheartening lack of console-selling titles in the launch window. Thankfully, this year has been shaping up to look very nice, especially after that Nintendo Direct we saw a few weeks back. If we see a new Metroid or Star Fox at E3, things could start turning around. Personally, I'm not counting on seeing any Zelda U details for a bit, but Nintendo still has a lot of other franchises that can pull some big weight; how about that recently announced Mario platformer?

So while Mangalindan (seriously, try saying it. It's awesome) makes some very valid points, Nintendo is taking care of at least two of them; however, Iwata also said they aren't planning on cutting the price anytime soon. 2013 is going to be the defining year for this console; let's hope Nintendo's got something great up their sleeves.

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