UPDATE: Emily Rogers has stopped the teasing and confirmed that in fact the big 3DS update after maintenance today will be Miiverse and all the joys that come along with it, including Nintendo Network IDs and a unified account balance—meaning that finally the Wii U and 3DS can now be linked. While it would be nice if they both shared the same VC library, we understand that may be something that requires even more work.

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In the latest Nintendo Direct on the 13th last month, it was revealed that Miiverse (along with linked Nintendo Network IDs) will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS system before the end of this year, letting us know that we can expect the system update sometime in December. But now, it appears that we may have a clearer idea of when this update will be taking place: tomorrow.

Emily Rogers on Twitter made a tweet saying that, after the maintenance, all 3DS owners should have a reason to be excited. Although she can't say why, she believes that we can figure out what this reason could potentially be. For those of you that don't know, Miiverse is Nintendo's communication system, which allows players to share thoughts, tips, and tricks about the current games they play live for other players to comment on and see. A lot of fans have been wanting this to come to the 3DS since it was first announced by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata at E3 2012 last year. However, fans have shown signs of disappointment considering that Miiverse on 3DS will not give the option to send friend requests, or message users individually.

This hasn't been the first time Emily's posted/leaked something about anything regarding Nintendo and their products, so considering that she's been a reliable source for a long period of time, it could be very likely that the service/update could appear online sometime tomorrow via your Nintendo 3DS system. Is it the Miiverse update we've been waiting for? Or could it be more pointless folders added onto your home menu screen? We'll find out tomorrow.

Source: Twitter

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