Yesterday on our Nintendo Week podcast, we sat down with ArtsyOmni, the extremely talented artist behind the recent Rayman in Smash Bros. hoax, to discuss the hoax: why he made it, why the internet was so captivated, and what he plans to do in the future. He's beginning a new series on YouTube called "Smashified," where viewers can choose which video game characters he should draw in the Super Smash Bros. art style, so that we can see what all of our favorite gaming icons would look like if they were a part of Smash.

In our interview, he tells us what some of the most popular fan requests are, who he's thinking of drawing first, and how you can get involved! To watch it, just check out the video above!

The video is embedded to start where our interview takes place, but if you'd like to watch this week's whole news recap, be our guest to scroll that timer to the start and watch it from the beginning. We won't stop you.