More information on Capcom's Dragon's Dogma-esque Deep Down has been revealed thanks to a recent issue of Weekly Famitsu. Within these reveals are a new weapon type, some details on the dungeons, online features, and some words from Sony on the story.

The new weapon type players will have at their disposal will be greatswords. The two-handed weapons will deal heavy damage and will swing in wide arcs, likely making them useful for taking on large groups.

The dungeons, which have "feelings" to characterize them, will use these characterizations for more than just aesthetic purposes. Players will actually be able to use those feelings, which the game calls "Memento," to enhance their equipment, though how exactly this works is as of yet unknown.

Much like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Dragon's Dogma, Deep Down will have an asynchronous multiplayer system in place. Though there will be no message-laying, and players will leave corpses where they fall, like the Souls series' bloodstains. Instead of the opportunity to watch their demise, however, players will be able to loot the items off these corpses. Producer Yoshinori Ono said he wanted the game to foster a friendly environment, so it is likely this looting system will not take items from fallen players—simply give other players the opportunity to gain from one's failures.

As for the story, Sony shared a piece of Capcom's new swords and sorcery title:

The stage of the story is New York in 2094. A member of the Ravens with the ability to read the residual thoughts that dwell on items earns his livings by clarifying the story from archaeological sites of ancient cultures. At one point in an excavation in the Czech Republic some ruins from the late 15th century are found. The presence of a mysterious city and the memories of an ancient civilization can be found in the site. The hero receives the request to investigate the ruins and to read its memories.

Source: DualShockers

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