Upset that Destiny hasn't been announced for the Wii U or PC yet? Don't be, it could be coming to both platforms and more! The official website for Bungie's upcoming game Destiny has data that can be found in its coding from the pre-order page that directly refers to both the Wii U, PC, PS4, Xbox 720, and PS Vita as platforms for the upcoming title. There is no mention of Nintendo's handheld 3DS platform however.

Of course, this could just be there in case Activision asks them to bring it over to those platforms and so it may mean nothing at all. Or perhaps Bungie is anticipating a release on these platforms. Whatever it means, we here just hope that it means every home console owner will be able to experience Bungie's next big title when it launches in the future.

The coding for the platform listings goes as such. Oddly enough, the Xbox 360 is simply referred to as the Xbox.

                    pc: "platform-pc",
                    ps3: "platform-ps3",
                    ps4: "platform-ps4",
                    xbox: "platform-xbox",
                    xbox720: "platform-xbox720",
                    wiiu: "platform-wiiu",
                    psvista: "platform-psvita"