We have been getting official songs for certain Pokémon for a while now. From Slowpoke to Magikarp, the comedic celebration of Generation I Pokémon has been strong. Ditto is now the most recent pocket monster to get his own ode, and it is, expectedly, nothing short of hilarious.

The Japanese song and video features Ditto copying another Ditto in battle, which produces the result you might expect. The camera also zooms in extremely close to his face, and each time, Ditto stares unfazed. It is also quite an emotional track, especially when a Ditto stares into the moonlit sky at the end of the music video. This new song teaches us that each and every Ditto has amazing potential. What an inspiration (sniff).

Was this ode to Ditto your jam? What Pokémon do you think should get its own song next? Let us hear your suggestions in the comments below!

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