Dragon Ball Super may be on an extended hiatus (at least there's the movie to look forward to in December!), but there's still plenty of fun to be had with the popular franchise. Dragon Ball FighterZ, the highest-rated video game adaptation of the manga/anime series yet, will soon be available both at home and on the go.

Publisher Bandai Namco has just revealed the release dates for FighterZ on Nintendo Switch around the world. Japanese gamers can look forward to it on September 27th, and North America and Europe will get the game just one day later. All DLC characters previously released on other platforms will be available for purchase at launch, and if you pre-order you'll receive immediate access to Goku and Vegeta in SSGSS (Blue) form.

As an added bonus, those who pre-order will also receive a free copy of the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden, which debuted on Super Nintendo. Will you be joining the Z Fighters on Switch?

Source: Bandai Namco