Mortal Kombat X has had a great reception among reviewers and fans so far, and the team at Netherrealm Studios is slaving to fix all the bugs and problems with the PC version of the game. Among all that bug-stomping, creator Ed Boon hinted on Twitter that the bloody fighter will be getting a "Story Pack." The story mode for Mortal Kombat X has been well received, and Boon makes it seem that the team behind that story aims to make sure it keeps going.

The hint came out after the fans were asking Boon about making NPCs, such as Baraka, Rain, Sindel, and Smoke, from Story Mode into playable characters. Boon questioned the fans back, "U mean like a 'Story Pack'?" This suggests that Neatherrealm is attempting to conjure up some story-based DLC for the game in the future. Nothing official has been stated yet, but you can look forward to some form of a "Story Pack" for Mortal Kombat X in the future.

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Source: Twitter