Update: Capcom has now officially confirmed the game's existence, providing a new trailer and screenshots for the game. It will launch in the west on December 12th, for the price of $20.

Original: Just yesterday we heard rumors of an Okami HD coming to current gen platforms (minus the Switch), and today we have confirmation. As is often the case, the newest issue of Japan's premiere gaming magazine, Weekly Famitsu, has leaked early, and in it Capcom announces that Okami HD is on its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year, at least in Japan.

There's little doubt that a western release is coming as well, but since Famitsu is a Japan-only magazine, it's not surprising that they didn't mention it. For the Japanese, they'll be able to pick up the PS4 and Xbox One versions on December 21st, while PC gamers will get the game a week earlier, on the 13th. Unfortunately for Switch owners, there's still no word of a port to Nintendo's newest console.

Okami HD is also confirmed to have 4K support and the ability to switch the screen aspect ratio to 4:3. Additionally, this version will bring back the loading screen minigames that were missing from the Wii and PS3 versions.

Are you excited to see Okami HD confirmed? When do you think it will be announced for the west? Will you be grabbing it, or will you wait for them to announce a Switch version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Gematsu