Earlier today Nintendo held a Direct presentation just for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Series creator Masahiro unveiled tons of new info about the upcoming fighter, including new game modes like Squad Strike and Smashdown. He also teased a mysterious new game mode represented by a green space on the main menu. The name was blurred out in the presentation, but some fans believe they've already cracked it anyway!

Twitter user @noctulescent analyzed the blurred image frame by frame, and they believe you can make out the word "Spirits" in both the English and Japanese trailer. In the latter, the blurred message is allegedly the English word "spirits" in Katakana rather than the Japanese word for "spirits." As such, it's believed that this new Spirits mode may somehow be related to the fact that Luigi turned into a spirit/ghost at the beginning of the Direct. Could we be getting a new game mode revolving around ghosts?

Source: @noctulescent