The world of Eos in Final Fantasy XV is already pretty huge (especially when you are trapped without both the Regalia or a Chocobo), but a recent video shows that Eos is even bigger than it seems. YouTuber Fotm Hero used a glitch to go out-of-bounds, where it was discovered that Final Fantasy XV contains a number of unused areas. It is unclear at this point whether these areas existed previous and were cut from the game or if they are regions to be used in the game's upcoming DLC packs.

You can check out the full video above, but be warned that it's an hour long. If you want to see a specific section, you can use the roadmap below.

0:00 – Cartanica
12:33 – 3 kilometers before Cartanica station
16:34 – 5 kilometers before Cartanica station (African Savannah looking area.)
24:32 – Eusciello (snowy area.)
39:30 – Area where Prompto falls from the train.
50:56 – Pagla, area where Noct is having a conversation with Ignis on the phone while being on top of the train.
56:05 – Tenebrae.